Absolutely peaceful and quiet vigil from Fluid Spirit at the Sorexpo, we call it the “Suffering cow and cow udder exhibition” in Zug, 31 January – 1 February 2020

“We were at the approved peaceful and quiet vigil at the Sorexpo in Zug, where we take a stand for the animals. We were pelted with dung and liquid manure by the farmers. They threw liquid manure and dung at us from behind, hidden behind the barrier, where we were not allowed to be. They hit primarily our children with liquid manure and dung and the children said that they wanted to stay for the animals! The children strengthened themselves with vegan food, while having dung and liquid manure on their clothes and in their hair, and continued to take a stand for the animals – this is the future, such strong children, who work peacefully and quietly for the animals – I am very proud of them! Go vegan!”

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