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Fluid Spirit stands up for all beings of this world. In this sense, Fluid Spirit also stands up for all suffering animals on this earth. Fluid Spirit creates studies and analyses, which we are happy to make available to the public.

Study «Awareness-raising in dealing with animals and people’s eating behaviour»

Due to the immeasurable animal suffering of so-called farm animals such as cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, etc., which we encounter on a daily basis, we felt called upon to actively campaign in public for people to become aware of this animal suffering and the growing consequences. For this purpose, Fluid Spirit launched a study to show the contradictions in people’s thinking regarding their alleged love of animals and their contrary consumption of meat. For this, people from Fluid Spirit interviewed a total of 1939 people by means of a questionnaire in the cities of Zug, Lucerne, Zurich, Bern, Winterthur and Basel. The survey took place between 10.05.2018 and 25.05.2019.

Studie «Bewusstwerdung im Umgang mit Tieren und dem Essverhalten der Menschen»

Overall management (study and project management): Danielle H. Jolissaint MAS
Collaboration: Mario Rigo, CAS, and Veronika Dobler

Analysis of human protein coverage by animals and the effects on humans, animals and the environment – an investigation of the ecological, economic, health and ethical aspects

The aim was to investigate the impact of people’s animal protein (meat and dairy) diets on ecology, economy, and human health. In addition, ethical principles were included in the work to examine how humans treat animals.

This literature work provides scientifically based arguments which should serve interested people as a support in the further spread of veganism. They can use this literature work in their respective fields of activity.

Literature work: Mario Rigo, DAS
Head of studies: Danielle H. Jolissaint, MAS

Analyse der menschlichen Proteinabdeckung durch Tiere und der Effekte auf Menschen Tiere und Umwelt

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