Vegetarian-vegan nutrition and cooking class

Aim and purpose of Fluid Spirit is to create a home for all beings, that is, for all people, animals and plants of this world. The only form of nutrition that does justice to this aim is the vegan diet. No animal should suffer any more for human nourishment! Fluid Spirit is committed to spreading knowledge about vegan nutrition and supports people who are interested in a vegan diet with advice, cooking courses and recipe ideas. It is also important to us to use seasonal and regional products from purely organic cultivation.

What we feed our body is what we draw our strength from and what we build and main-tain our body from.”
Danielle H. Jolissaint

The vegan diet basically avoids all foods that have any connection to animals. Instead of these animal products, vegan products are consumed. For example, instead of cow’s milk, soy or cereal milk (rice, barley, spelt, etc.) is used; instead of cream from cow’s milk, soy, rice or oat cream can be used; and instead of eggs, silken tofu can be used for example. Instead of honey, products such as maple syrup, agave syrup, pear or apple syrup or date syrup are used. Those who want to switch to a vegan diet should familiarise themselves with this diet a little more deeply. It is not advisable to simply remove animal products from the menu and only eat salad and pasta. This would be quite wrong and would lead to deficiency symptoms. Instead of the widely spread animal protein sources, vegetable protein sources such as grain and legumes should be used. In addition, a lot of vegetables and fruits should be on the plate.

The book “China Study” by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell (ISBN: 978-3-86401-001-9, published in 2011, publishing company systemische Medizin) has particularly confirmed our opinion on the subject of vegan nutrition.
T. Colin Campbell led the China Study, the most comprehensive study of humans on the connection between diseases, lifestyle and diet. The book explains the connection between animal protein-rich diets and the resulting diseases. What has long been known in science has been made accessible to everyone in an understandable way in the book China Study.
We consider this book to be an absolute enrichment for all people interested in a healthy diet and are grateful to T. Colin Campbell for conducting scientific studies and creating and publishing this book.

All nutrients can easily be covered with a full vegan diet. The nutrient intake of vegans usually even exceeds that of people who do not eat vegan food. In terms of fibre intake, vegans also usually achieve significantly higher values, and they are also closest to the recommended intakes for protein, fat and carbohydrates (Keller & Gätjen, Vegane Ernährung, 2017). Vegans supplement vitamin B12, as it does not occur in plant foods or only in very small amounts, which means it is supplemented by a vitamin preparation. This is especially important for babies and growing children, as well as for pregnant women (Leitzmann, Keller, Vegetarische Ernährung, 1996).

Danielle H. Jolissaint already conducted a meditation in 2013 specifically for the vegan lifestyle, which is available on CD:
Meditation by Danielle H. Jolissaint from 6th -7th September 2013 «The transition of humanity from carnism to the vegan way of life»

In order to learn what a healthy, balanced and vegan diet looks like, we recommend vegan cooking courses offered by Fluid Spirit. They impart the knowledge required for a vegan diet in theory and practice.

On January 27, 2012 the first of three educational units of the vegetarian-vegan cooking class has taken place in Hünenberg, with 23 out of the 27 people from the education group of Danielle Jolissaint attending. Danielle Jolissaint pointed out, as an introduction to the new cooking class, that a conscious, environmentally friendly and powerful nutrition is a prerequisite so that the body as well as the mind of people can heal. As Hippocrates said (Greek doctor circa 460 B.C. – circa 377 B.C.): “Let your Food be your Medicine, and your Medicine be your Food.“ Since then cooking classes in vegetarian-vegan nutrition are being offered in other locations in Switzerland. It is important to us to impart the knowledge, the practice and the diversity of the vegetarian-vegan art of cooking, because we assume that a vegetarian-vegan nutrition would serve all beings of this world. We would be very pleased if a possibly great number of people would take part in this unique, professional class about vegetarian-vegan nutritional teachings and the preparation of these meals. The vegetarian-vegan nutrition and cooking class has three educational units. Each evening has a theoretical as well as a practical part. Various dishes are cooked in groups and then eaten together. The last cooking class took place in Münchenbuchsee (BE). Further classes will be offered. Course program Download Flyer Download Einlageblatt

Dates vegan cooking courses

Vegan for the slim lineFriday, 26.08.2022
18.00 – 22.00 o’clock
Vegan EasterFriday, 01.04.2022
18.00 – 22.00 o’clock
Vegan for beginnersOn request
Vegan Nutrition for babies and childrenFriday, 08.04.2022
18.00 – 22.00 o’clock
Make vegan cheeses yourselfOn request
Vegan Christmas baking Friday, 04.11.2022
18.00 – 22.00 o’clock
Vegan Christmas dishFriday, 02.12.2022
18.00 – 22.00 o’clock
Vegan advanced courseOn request
Vegan inspirations for restaurants and institutionsOn request

Registration and further information:


In the showroom of R-Küchen AG, Rothusstrasse 23 6331 Hünenberg

Schauburg 1, recreation room, 6331 Hünenberg

Due to the restrictions because of Corona, some courses are held online. We will gladly inform you!

Course fees are CHF 120 per course evening and person, including materials, or CHF 100 if the course is held online.

Cancellations are free of charge up to four weeks before the start of the course, later cancellations will be charged the full course fee.

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