Book “Out of love for all beings of this world” vegan menus from Fluid Spirit

Publisher: Danielle H. Jolissaint (editor) Authors: Danielle H. Jolissaint (editor), Isabella Knör, Mario Rigo

Since animals are very close to my heart and I experience by living together with them, how similar they are to us humans in terms of feelings, I suffer with them when I see that most animals, which are my neighbours, only exist in order to serve for the nutrition of humans. My neighbours, the cows in the picture, are at least allowed to live together as a family for a while, but many other cows are not even allowed to do so, since the calves will be separated from the mother cow right after birth. From this suffering that I encounter almost every day, this little cookbook has been created and I wish from my heart, that as many people as possible try out the very tasty and easy-to-prepare vegan dishes and thus start with a vegan diet. The vegan diet will bring much healing to humans, animals, and the environment and people will gain more mindfulness towards all beings in the world. I cordially thank all people who are interested in the vegan diet. The cookbook with delicious vegan recipes, including for the slim line, can be ordered from Danielle H. Jolissaint for the price of CHF 18.- / € 18.- (plus shipping and packaging):

Bitte beachten Sie unser Angebot an veganen Fluid-Spirit-Kochkurse

Music-CD «Mindfulness with all beings of this world»

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