“Animals, stand up, unite and defend yourselves against humans” © by Danielle H. Jolissaint, 21 January 2020

“I call upon all animals, stand up, unite and defend yourselves against humans!” Danielle H. Jolissaint

Meditation-vocal improvisation from 21 January 2020 by Danielle H. Jolissaint with the Fluid Spirit Orchestra

I call all animals on earth, fight back and don’t put up anymore with all that humans do to you.
I call all animals on earth; you have my greatest sympathy – I give my life for you. I feel so close to you as if I was one of you. I call all animals on earth, stand up! Defend yourselves, unite, animals on earth and those who have all already died. Unite and fight for humans to come to senses at last.
Humans missed out learning from you. Humans have become so arrogant; they missed out learning from you animals. They missed out learning from you, how to live in communion with the earth and nature. Human put himself above everything, he has become so cold and hard. And now, if he goes on like this, it is time for him to wipe himself out so that the animals can live in their beauty in the midst of all nature again.
Human is weak in the nature, he needs houses and heaters and all ‘the bells and whistles’ which you animals would not need, because you are at home in nature’s lap. Human is so arrogant that he displaces you in such a way, and I, I feel part of you – I love you so much!
Danielle H. Jolissaint

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