Fluid Spirit at the demo for a fur-free Switzerland on 16 November 2019 in Zurich

Yesterday we were in Zurich at the demo for a fur-free Switzerland and we thank the organisation for their great commitment for the animals! For us it was too loud and too aggressive – we prefer silence to noise, in order to draw attention to the horror of the enormous animal suffering with posters, and if so, then with music, which should trigger the feelings of the people, so that people might maybe be touched a bit by the animal suffering and feel a sense of grief in themselves. After the demo we meditated together as a group until 02.30am and we used the gold light world brain meditation (www.jolissaint.ch), because I assume that meditation on the nonverbal level is very helpful in order to spread our concern. For the past three years, I have been practicing the world brain meditation with a group of people and, for two years, I have been practicing intensively for the poorest beings on our planet, the animals. Since then, I have been experiencing a much faster evolution in people’s development of awareness of the immeasurable animal suffering, and since those two years, I have also been experiencing a major expansion of veganism. We will continue to support all the groups who are committed to the animals, but with my two Golden Retrievers, I will not participate in any demo anymore where people are so fueled to scream, so that the present animals, even at the end of the group, suffer from the shouting. And yes, I only participate in demos, where I can take along my animals …… it is about animals – isn’t that right? Many thanks to all those who are committed to ending the immeasurable animal suffering – GO VEGAN! 17. November, Danielle H. Jolissaint

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