Handing over of the petition on 4 November 2019 against the animal factory “Chueweid” in Drälikon Hünenberg to the municipality President of Hünenberg, Mrs. Renate Huwyler, and the head of construction and planning of the municipality Hünenberg, Mr. Thomas Anderegg

On 17 August 2019, the association Fluid Spirit started the petition against the animal factory “Chueweid” in Drälikon Hünenberg. In a short time until 31 October 2019, 12397 people have attested with their signatures that they are against a construction project of Interfarm GmbH in the extent described. The aim of the petition was to draw the public’s attention to the project “Chueweid” in Drälikon Hünenberg and to point out the resulting negative consequences.

Due to the high demand for the petition, it was handed over to the municipality President of Hünenberg, Ms. Renate Huwyler, on 4 November 2019, and the head of construction and planning, Mr. Thomas Anderegg. By handing over the petition, Fluid Spirit asked the local government to consider the will of the undersigned people. Any extensions or enlargements as well as corresponding rezoning and special regulations in connection with the farm Chueweid in Drälikon should be assessed and judged considering the background of the will of the population and not only of the farmers. Likewise, Fluid Spirit asked the municipal council to create more transparency and to take into account that measures taken in this regard should serve the people’s will and not just the farmers, the economy and in this sense the Interfarm GmbH. Doctors such as Dean Ornish or Caldwell Esselstyn have shown in relevant studies (see “The China Study,” Campbell, 2017) that people who consume animal protein are at an increased risk of many diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease or diabetes. The documentary “The Game Changers” compares blood levels of high-performance vegan athletes with blood levels of high-performance athletes who eat animal products. The clearly better blood levels of vegans prove that vegans are healthier and more powerful. Only the meat, dairy and egg industries stubbornly adhere to this misconception that humans need animal protein and thus should eat products of animal origin such as meat from animals, well understood by animals that only feed on plants. Humans can therefore feed directly on plants without having to make the detour via the animal, which in any case only eats plants. Thus, a great service is rendered to the nature and the climate. Due to these facts and the great suffering of the animals, more and more people are deciding to do without products of animal origin, as evidenced by the fact that milk consumption in Switzerland has fallen by 18% in the last 10 years (see petition) and meat turnover in Switzerland fell by CHF 37 million (2660 tonnes) compared to 2017/2018 (see Marktbericht Fleisch, BLW, February 2019). This is clearly the movement of the future so that such animal factories with respective animal suffering should not harm our nature, whereby we humans lose our recreational areas, the biodiversity decreases, and the groundwater suffers (see petition and FOEN, 15 August 2019). The Reus area would be a uniquely beautiful recreational area for us humans, were it not for the manure and the Interfarm GmbH with the mother cows and calves, suffering from separation pain and the calves, which are isolated (see petition).

For an overview, a summary of the signatures by region:

Canton Zug incl. Hünenberg:4069People
Canton Zürich:2652People
Canton Luzern:998People
Canton Aargau:962People
Canton Schwyz:314People
Other Cantons (without Zug, Schwyz, Luzern, Zürich, Aargau):2853People
Foreign countries:479People
Online incorrect capture:47People
Unreadable (handwritten):23People
Total signatures:12397People
Of which online-Signatures:5739People

On 4 November 2019, after submitting the petition, another 77 signatures have been received, including 18 online signatures.

Detailed information about the petition

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