This morning Fluid Spirit supported Animal Save Oensingen at the vigil outside the Slaughterhouse Oensingen

The pictures show the aggressive cold-bloodedness of the tractor driver against the people who stood there peacefully and quietly. This driver with live animals in the trailer raced toward the people facing him and deliberately lit up his headlights so that the people he was racing towards could not see anything anymore. The driver of this tractor deliberately made a strong swivel while racing towards the opposing crowd and almost dragged along our friend, who could not evade due to a trailer there standing behind. For us, the behaviour of the driver is the attempt of negligent homicide and we have pressed charges. We cannot imagine what would have happened if he had dragged along our friend with his tractor. He has risked a human life! The placard of our friend, which was placed right next to her, he tore with and drove over it; it went to pieces (see tractor and placard in the movie), that says it all. It is a miracle that our friend, and all who were there, got away with a severe shock or trauma, time will tell, and have not sustained bodily harm.

Since most of our film contributions have been miraculously deleted on Facebook, we have decided not to publish them again. Instead of film, we include photos.

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