Torment of animals at the ESAF (Swiss Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival)

What agony must this poor bull named Kolin endure for the pleasure and sensationalism of humans. Chained by a nose ring, which gives him no opportunity to move since he would suffer pain otherwise, he is displayed to all these laughing visitors who, by all means, want to catch a glimpse of the poor suffering creature.Imagine as a human, being chained with a nose ring for two weeks. Humanity does not exist anymore! The people take pleasure in being able to marvel at this bull and, as usual, do not recognise the suffering of the animal, which stands before them in all its beauty and greatness. Who of the visitors would venture into a pasture with a free-roaming strong bull? But all feel strong by looking in the eyes of a defenseless chained bull. This torture of the bull and the other displayed animals lasts a whole of two weeks, in which the so-called Gabentempel is open at the ESAF (Swiss Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival). The animals are treated with no empathy at all and are passed around for photos, as if they were goods. During the ESAF, hundreds of thousands of people want to marvel at a chained bull, although they cannot empathise with this wonderful animal, otherwise they would scream: “Unchain the bull!”. Heartlessly, everyone wants to marvel the beautiful chained bull. Immediately thereafter, the whole family goes around the corner, so they can eat the “children of the bull” in the form of a veal sausage. If one looks at the pictures of this poor bull and other displayed live animal-prices, who sometimes even have injuries caused by the chains, it does remind of the forbidden slavery, now they simply do it with animals. So, one wonders why Switzerland has associations who call themselves animal welfare associations, but who tolerate or even endorse events, such as these at the ESAF. After the people devoured the calves or the piglets as sausages or steaks, they go home to look after their beloved children and their beloved pets. What irony! Animals have feelings for their children just like us humans. And after the festival, the lonesome people go back to work again, deluded by the impressions and the consumption, dreaming of the next diversion and money-consuming illusory break from everyday life, for example, the Zug bull market, which only takes place a few days later.

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