About the decision to save a calf from the dairy industry or “When there is love, everything is very easy”

The latter is what Danielle H. Jolissaint, founder and president of the association Fluid Spirit, teaches us over and over again and sets an example with her inexhaustible dedication to all living beings in the world.

When I bought the little calf Nicole together with a friend of Fluid Spirit at the beginning of October, it was a pure decision of the heart. Everything went very fast. Danielle H. Jolissaint shared her happiness on Facebook, that she had bought a cow for the first time in her life. This had touched me so much, above all, because now the young life was spared of having the fate to be exploited as a dairy cow. The VGT – Association Against Animal Factories Switzerland – was looking for even more lifesavers for cows. For me it was clear quickly, yes, I do this now. Intuitively, I came up with the idea to ask a friend if we want to save a cow life together. She said yes immediately – Danielle H. Jolissaint helped us to decide that it should be Nicole, the daughter of Daria, who was already in the possession of another friend of Fluid Spirit. Once again, even more a great feeling of happiness that now daughter and mother are allowed to stay together. Nicole can now live with her mother Daria and Fiby, the calf of our president, at the Chäppis farm in Oberwangen TG. The farm, run by a married couple, had changed its operation from a conventional dairy farm to a cow- and calf boarding house last year.There are currently 50 cows and calves living there, which belong to animal-loving and vegan people, and who can lead a peaceful and fear-free life in community for a monthly pension allowance. Two weeks ago we visited the cows – and it was indescribably beautiful, as Nicole gradually had more confidence in us and sniffed us curiously. In psychology, the picture, which parents have during their first look at their newborn child, is called “imago”. It was the same for us with Nicole, in a very dignified way she showed her young, innocent and independent personality, reserved yet curious enough to approach something new. She visibly enjoyed the protection of her mother and the whole herd. For us, this was a moment filled with great reverence for each other and happiness about each other. However, in the face of the satisfied cows, who live in natural freedom, the images of the horror of the dairy and meat-producing industry also crop up again. The pain over what is caused to animals felt even stronger here. Also, anger and nonunderstanding about how people can still do such bad things to these lovable personalities despite all the existing wide knowledge about the animal suffering caused by livestock farming. So, I am infinitely grateful to Danielle H. Jolissaint for her tireless efforts that this horror will come to an end. In the association Fluid Spirit I have found a home that gives meaning to my actions and that gives strength to me; also for this my heartfelt thanks!

6 November 2019, Annette Wördehoff

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