Call for Atlantis

This movie was created by the youth group of Fluid Spirit Fleurs de Jolissaint. The aim and the purpose of Fluid Spirit Fleurs de Jolissaint is, to provide home to all beings of this world, that is to humans, animals and plants. With these film recordings, we would like to portray the beauty of nature, to raise awareness how precious earth is and how important it is to protect it and to express our love for the earth.

Music: Danielle H. Jolissaint & Fluid Spirit Orchester 1. Ich erkenne das Licht in mir (I recognise the light within me) 2. Ruf zu Anubis (Call to Anubis) 3. Lieb‘ so viel du kannst (Love as much as you can) 4. Ruf nach Atlantis (Call for Atlantis)

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