Distribution of leaflets for awareness of the immeasurable animal suffering in Zug and Zurich on 14 March 2020

On 14 March 2020 Fluid Spirit raised awareness with leaflets in Zug and Zurich of the immeasurable animal suffering caused by animal product consumers. At the same time, we drew attention to the important meaning of the blue dot on the third eye in order to inform people about its meaning. There are already some people who have chosen to wear the blue dot on their third eye every day to draw attention to the bolt shot that is used to immobilize the animals in the slaughterhouse, afterwards they are hung up and punctured alive so that the heartbeat pumps out the blood and then they are cut open and dissected. Since some people have been wearing the blue dot every day, there have been major reactions at all levels – the effects are great, and awareness is inexorably spreading. Most of the passers-by were very interested, on one hand in the meaning of the blue dot on the third eye, on the other hand in the leaflet, which draws attention to the intolerable violent conditions in the dairy industry and the resulting immense animal suffering. Perhaps, due to the current situation regarding the corona virus, humans will become more aware of what they have done to the animals with their meat consumption. After all, the corona virus has arisen from animal product consumption! Go vegan!

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