Fluid Spirit was at the so-called brown cattle show in Zug; For us this exhibition is called “Suffering cow, cow udder and motherless cow baby exhibition”.

All the mothers who have once breastfed their baby know how the breast hurts like a thousand pins when the breast is full of milk. The cows at the brown cattle show in Zug must go to exhibitions with this pain, must walk, although it is visible that every step hurts and the milk is not even for their calves – people steal the milk from the cow babies! Women and men, mothers and fathers, imagine this immense pain of these cow mothers and cow babies – it is the same for all the cows at the so-called cow exhibitions! Women, imagine that glue is sticked on your breasts, so that the milk that is meant to flow out of the bosom, does not flow out, which makes the pain even stronger!

The calves are in visual contact with the cow mothers at the exhibitions; the mothers suffer, because they are not allowed to give their milk and the calves suffer, because they are not allowed to drink the milk from their mother. This violence is no longer bearable for compassionate people! In addition, it is the case that human-children, who steal the milk from the cow-children, show off the flower-crowned suffering cow-children – such a perverted horror surpasses the disgraceful deed of milk-drinking people. As already said, it is no longer bearable having to witness this.

What is the point of all the perverted cow awards – the only ones who enjoy it are the peasants in order to inflate their egos even more. Go vegan is the solution!

At the end of the cow exhibitions the poor cows with their full udders are dragged back into the car, are tied too tight, so that tears run over the cows cheeks (see film) because of their pain and the terror from the humans, and the whole horror goes on again on the farm as before and then, in the end, of course much too early, they are taken to the slaughterhouse, where the slaughterman is waiting already.

“As long as humans feed on animal corpses, there will be no peace on earth!” (DHJ)

“As long as humans exploit and abuse animals, we cannot talk about humanity – even if that happens out of unawareness!” (DHJ)

23 November 2019, Danielle H. Jolissaint

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