“That’s enough – 5000 years of patriarchy are enough”, by Doris Wolf

“Danielle H. Jolissaint is so very grateful that Doris Wolf in her one-of-a-kind work “Es reicht – 5000 Jahre Patriarchat sind genug” (“That’s enough – 5000 years of patriarchy are enough”) has profoundly researched and summarized the sad truth about the patriarchy of the last 5000 years. All people on our earth should absolutely read this book; women as well as men, because even men are victims of patriarchy.”

“5000 years of patriarchy = 5000 years of war”
“Peace is not an utopia: during 98 percent of human history there were no wars.
As a civilization we do not have to learn anything new in order to survive in the future, but only remember something forgotten,” says Doris Wolf

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