Adopting cow daughters

After adopting Fiby Jolimuh, born on September 7, 2017, as our new family member, have since four friends of Fluid Spirit emulated my deeds and I sincerely congratulate my Fluid Spirit friends for their beautiful cow daughters, Daria, born July 17 2016, Nicole, born November 26, 2018 and Gladiola Sen, born, date still pending. These four cows are allowed to spend their whole life, which lasts up to 30 years, together at the Chäppis farm with the Patrik and Irma Kappeler family, pension for cows and cattle, Hunzenberg 2, 8374 Oberwangen / TG,, and one cow daughter, Leiki, born February 4 2020, may spend her whole life happily at the Schönau cow pension, Isabelle Dörig-Theiler, Oberschönau 2851, 9533 Dietschwil/SG, without being exploited and misused by humans for milk and meat production. The Chäppis farm only decided to restructure the farm in November 2018 and now already houses 50 cows, which are financed by people who are committed to the cause that the immense suffering on earth of the so-called animals for production comes to an end. The income of the Chäppis farm is well secured and Fluid Spirit would be very happy if there were also farmers in the canton of Zug and in France who could opt for a restructuring of a farm that supplies the dairy and meat industry, to a farm that looks well after the animals, so that even the so-called animals for production can live a life in dignity, like my Golden Retrievers too!

For the cow daughters we paid CHF 2’000 (Gladiola Sen CHF 1’800 and Leiki CHF 1’600), plus CHF 205 for pension/per month, plus incurred veterinary costs. We publish this information as a motivation for further interested parties (be it farmers or people who would like to buy cow daughters).

I sincerely thank all the people who are committed to ending the immeasurable animal suffering on earth, even though we still feel that our efforts are only a drop in the ocean, because there is yet no end in sight.

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