Fluid Spirit was at the 20th suffering cow, cow udder and motherless cow baby-auction in Kerns, they call it breeding and livestock auction in Kerns

It is barely endurable having to see the arrogant stroller factions, as they show the spoiled human children the suffering, imprisoned cow babies. The cow milk-consuming people have no heart for the poor suffering mother cows, from whom the farmers take away their cow babies immediately after birth and who sell their milk to the people, which would be for the cow babies. Consumers would have it in their hands that this immeasurable animal suffering ceases by not buying any animal products anymore. Animal milk is intended for animals and not for humans. After all, women are not milked either and their milk is not sold to another species and certainly not to adult human beings anyway – is it? That would be madness, wouldn’t it? Go vegan!
Since most of our film contributions have been miraculously deleted on Facebook, we have decided not to publish them again. Instead of film, we include photos.

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