Teaching-meditation: “gold-blue-light meditation through the earth ©” by Danielle H. Jolissaint with song: “Connected with the earth ©” by Danielle H. Jolissaint

“All people who would like to join me in this meditation, can do this every dayat 7am and 10pm Swiss time. At these times we will meet mentally for the gold-blue-light meditation through the earth, each of us from home and nevertheless connected on the energy level. I recommend doing the gold-blue-light meditation sitting, with an upright straight back, keeping your eyes closed and your chin slightly raised, so that in this attitude we become aware how small we are in relation to the universe. I recommend doing the gold-blue-light meditation as often as you can, so that it is imprinted in such a way that when you live everyday life, this meditation always flows in the background. The gold-blue-light meditation helps to be in the here and now, not to miss the here and now! You should not be afraid – enjoy having time now – it is a phase of reflection, to get in touch with yourself again, to do the meditation and thereby to increase the light again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this gold-blue-light meditation through the earth for the earth and for all beings on earth.” Danielle H. Jolissaint

The meditation can be listened at: German:https://soundcloud.com/danielle-h-jolissaint/gold-blau-lichtmeditation-durch-die-erde-mit-anschliessendem-lied-von-danielle-h-jolissaint

Meditation: “We feel the breath as it breathes in and out by itself. While breathing in, the stomach rises and while breathing out, the stomach lowers. We feel our body from our feet to our legs, to the pelvis, stomach, chest, neck, head, over the head, over the shoulders, over the arms to the hands, and we feel right into the body, how it feels, without evaluating anything and without effort. So, we listen to the inside and outside and we spread the attention evenly on everything: to feel our breath, to feel our body, to listen inside our body and to listen outside into the room, into the house, over and above the house, and we spread the attention evenly on everything. Nothing is more important or less important. We pay the same attention to everything and that is the art of being in the here and now again and again and paying the same attention to everything. Especially currently, where we are all restricted by orders, where people should and must stay at home, where we are no longer allowed to visit our friends in neighbouring countries, where social life is completely restricted, we can take this opportunity to meditate more and more frequently and to feel each other through meditation. It is extremely important to meditate now because we absolutely need to practice staying in the here and now. Not in the past, not in the future, but in the here and now. And therefore, the basic practice for meditation is a good exercise, I repeat again: «We feel the breath in our body as it breathes in and out by itself, we feel our body from feet to head, we listen into the body and we listen outside into the room and over and above the room and we spread our attention evenly on everything. In this state we are now silent together for a moment before we go on. Now you draw your attention to your hearts. Feel your heart and let the light expand in your heart with every breath, gold-blue light. Gold stands for compassion and love, blue for protection. You can imagine the golden colour as the sun when it shines, this uniquely beautiful golden light, or the golden autumn leaves on the trees when the sun shines on it. And the blue light stands for protection, to protect us, to protect all beings on earth and to protect the earth. So, we use golden and blue light. You can imagine the blue light like the sky and the water. With every breath, this gold-blue light expands in the heart until it has expanded so far that it goes beyond our body into our aura. Our aura is the expansion of our energy body, about one meter around our body, and that far this gold-blue light is supposed to expand around us. And when you feel that, then you take this gold-blue light and you go until deep, deep, deep into the earth and from there you pull this gold-blue light through your body and one meter around your body until high up into the universe, as high and as far as you can imagine, and then you go deep again through your body and one meter around your body until deep into the earth, so that you are now in this light channel of gold-blue light. That is gold-blue flowing energy; that is permeable energy, gold-blue energy that flows, and you are in this channel and it goes until high up into the universe and until deep into the earth one meter around you so that you stay with compassion and love, with light and power, and that you stay protected in it, so that it stays lightful inside of you and does not become dark. In these dark times it is all the more important that we stay lightful. Next time when you are in the universe with this gold-blue light, expand this channel of gold-blue light, as far as you can, because now we want this gold-blue light to flow through the whole earth, until deep deep deep into the earth, and there we again pull this gold-blue light until high up into the universe, so that now the whole earth gets light-flooded with gold-blue light. The light Gold stands for compassion and love and the light Blue stands for the protection of the earth. Our earth needs a lot, a lot of light. The light was taken from the earth when the Amazon was burned down. This is the greatest horror that has been done to the earth. The most sacred was destroyed. The koala bears, the beautiful, purest animals, were all burned in their innocence and all other animals of the forest were burned. The sanctuary of the earth was burned, and an infinite amount of light was destroyed. It needs us and our light meditations and we all have the time now to meditate, to rebuild this light. All people are challenged with this, those who are trained in meditation and those who would like to learn it now. You can practice this meditation in such a way, that the meditation is so present in the back of the head, that it flows throughout the day, even while doing your work in everyday life. It helps you to be completely in the here and now. You are always in this gold-blue light which pervades the whole earth with energy, until deep into the earth and until high up into the universe. And now there is a possibility that very, very many people can do this meditation so that we can rekindle and build up again this light which has been extinguished. Even more light was extinguished by the corona virus – even more darkness has reached the earth. The corona virus comes from meat markets, from meat-eating people who, because of greed and inhumanity, cannot do without animal products. I sang a song in January 2020: “Animals, get up, connect and defend yourself against what humans have done to you for the past 5000 years; how humans have exploited, abused and slaughtered you more and more. Humans became so hard and only followed their greed. Millions of cows are punctured alive after a bolt shot, so that their blood is pumped out by the heartbeat; the cows are cut open, slaughtered and dissected for the meat-eating people. The cows are raped by humans, they grab deeply into their innermost so that they are made pregnant, only so, that humans get the milk, which by nature, is intended to be for the young calves, and the calves, they are violently taken away from the mother-cow by humans. There is an infinite suffering on earth. The animals, they suffer infinitely. And now there would be the possibility that humans could come to their senses. A lot has to change. So many people attack vegans, why? It is the vegans who do no harm to anyone. No animal has to suffer because of the vegans. Because of the meat eaters, because of the animal product consumers, animals have to endure endless suffering and we vegans have to endure this horror, because we do not suppress the pain in such a way like the meat eaters do. And now this virus, the corona virus, has spread on the meat markets of China and we humans are now the ones locked up, like the animals are, the countless pigs, the countless cows and the countless animals in the zoos, they have all been locked up for ages. And now we humans feel exactly this, especially the countries that have curfews, what it feels like to be locked up, whereby we still have the luxury of being allowed to stay in our families, in our home; animals are not allowed to do that either. Who knows how much further the dark forces can go, so that we would be locked up even more if we do not defend ourselves against it with our light. So, meditation helps us to ignite light within us, to re-ignite light on earth, to become compassionate for all suffering beings and to put an end to the destructive violence. We are still in our meditation, in our gold-blue-light meditation, from the earth from the lowest point, as high as you can imagine, to pull up gold-blue light into the universe and let it flow down again from the Universe through the whole earth, through all beings of this earth, so that more light is created again on earth. I am grateful and I am delighted if many, many people will do this meditation so that it will become brighter on our earth again, and it is up to us humans that it can become brighter again, because we humans have darkened the earth. And if you do this meditation now, you pull this gold-blue-light from the earth until high up into the universe, there you let it flow down through the whole earth to the deepest point of the earth and you pull it up again. Practice this meditation as much as you can, so that this meditation always flows in the background when you live everyday life, always. As for me, when I do my work, this meditation is always present and it helps us to be in the here and now, not to miss the here and now! You should not be afraid. Enjoy having time now. It is a phase of reflection, to get in touch with yourself again, to do the meditation and thereby to increase the light again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you do this too, as I do. Now, at the end of the meditation, you can lower your head when you are ready, open your eyes and when you are ready, look out again.” Danielle H. Jolissaint

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