We line up in front of the monastery church Einsiedeln

Dear friends of Fluid Spirit

After the vigil at the slaughterhouse in Zurich, Danielle meditated in the monastery of Einsiedeln near the Black Madonna for all suffering animals in the slaughterhouses, on farms and for all suffering animals in the world and sent light. She would have liked to express her pain in the church, crying out loud: “Thou shalt not kill – Jesus Christ would be a vegan today.”

Out of this process Danielle printed banners with corresponding texts, with which we lined up on 14 April 2019 (Palm Sunday) in front of the entrance of the monastery in Einsiedeln.

Danielle H. Jolissaint is not in any religion and does not belong to any political association. Fluid Spirit is also politically independent and is not a religious institution. The aim of Fluid Spirit’s action described below was to relate veganism to people’s religious beliefs and to encourage people to think about their attitudes towards animals.

“Thou shalt not kill – Jesus Christ would be a vegan today!”

“Killing animals in order to eat them, would be a mortal sin for Jesus today!”

“11th commandment: Thou shalt honor and care for animals as thyself, and shalt not kill them for thy food.”

“The perversion of humans culminates in sadism by slaughtering and eating animals.”

“Stop eating animals – go to the slaughterhouses and see the horror of the murdering.”

“Even the Easter lamb and the Christmas goose want to live!”

Danielle H. Jolissaint

Palm Sunday was the most appropriate time for our action before Easter to make people aware of our human concerns. We lined up in front of the main entrance of the monastery church before the Mass and after the Mass. Due to Danielle’s conversation with Father Martin Werlen, who approached her on site, we attended the Mass, and through this, our cause was responded to in the sermon. On the occasion of his sermon, Father Martin Werlen pointed out that our action on our cause touches him because we are committed to creation, which includes the animals, and that life does not consist of pleasure and food!

Isabella T. Knör

So we were compensated for the hostility of individual church visitors before their church visit by the fact that the church visitors may have become aware during the sermon, that they are not the do-gooders, as they would like to see themselves, as they had insulted us before the church, and the priest later preached that it is about charity for all. Above all, after the two priests sang the Easter story of Jesus being massacred and crucified by humans, these people hopefully became aware of what they had done today. They had dealt with us in a similar way as with Jesus back then. We, too, have been marginalized, mocked and laughed at by church visitors before they visited Mass, though we draw attention to a human concern, that of having compassion for all beings of the world, all of whom are part of creation just as we humans are too. When we lined up again after the Mass, the churchgoers, who were now carrying blessed palm branches, were more friendly and more open-minded and we were all very delighted about that – thank you very much to Father Martin Werlen and all church visitors, who gained more awareness through our action. Danielle H. Jolissaint

Danielle H. Jolissaint

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