In order for us to be able to actively support the concerns of Fluid Spirit, corresponding financial means are always a requirement, which we have been able to implement so far thanks to donations from members. These include, for example:

– TV commercials for veganism („Lonely calf“ and „Cow boarding house for cows and cattle

– Poster advertising for veganism

– Flyer campaigns in big cities for veganism (Flyers „Point against animal suffering“ and „Have you seen this baby?“)

Flyer campaigns in big cities for the abolition of patriarchy and for women’s equality

– Petitions and signature collections against the establishment of animal factories as well as against pornography and prostitution

and many more.

To be able to continue creating awareness and implementing many more successful projects, we will continue to rely on donations in the future. We will be delighted if you support Fluid Spirit too:  

Verein Fluid Spirit, 6331 Hünenberg, Zuger Kantonalbank, 6301 Zug, Kto. 80-192-9, IBAN CH22 0078 7007 7171

Thank you very much!

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